Welcome to the website of Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology (“KAPE”, LLC)!

ALMATY - 1996 year
AKTAU - 2001 year
ATYRAU - 2001 year
ASTANA - 2003 year
AKTOBE - 2009 year
TBILISI - 2016 year

The Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology has been operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1996, as the largest independent consulting company in the fields of environmental protection, monitoring and management of natural resources. KAPE LLC has offices in: Astana, Tbilisi, Atyrau, Aktau, and Aktobe. Additionally to that KAPE has opened branches in Tbilisi and Georgia in March of 2016. The main principles of our operations are careful compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation, maximum compliance with the requirements of the client, competence, high-quality and fast completion of design work.

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