The Atyrau branch has provided design, survey, andscientific research for companies in Atyrau, Aktyubinskaya and West Kazakhstanoblasts since 2002. Tasks of the branch are to implement hydrochemical, hydrological,hydrogeological, hydrobiological, and ichthyologic surveys in West Kazakhstanand Kazakhstan part of the Caspian Sea; develop ecological projects; and assistspecialists from the KAPE main office. Branch specialists together withemployees of the head office in Almaty perform field work, baseline andmonitoring surveys, and implement projects and programs

 The branch provides thefollowing services:

  • Monitoring of drinking, surface, ground andwaste water
  • Hydrobiological studies
  • Ichthyologic studies in the Ural River basin andNorth Caspian Sea
  • Development and coordination of EIAs, MPDs,MPEs, and ecological passports
  • Leasing of special machinery: amphibian vehicles,air-cushion vessels, towing trailer (KrAZ)
  • The branch staff consists of 25 specialistsincluding environmentists, hydrochemists, hydrobiologists, ichthyologists, andtechnical experts with extensive experience in environmental surveys.
  • The Atyrau branch structure includes:
  • Administration
  • Hydrobiological laboratory
  • Division of environmental studies and assessmentof onshore facilities impact
  • Division of technical support
  • Division of commerce
  • The staff is permanently involved in offshoreand onshore monitoring initiated by different companies

Major Projectsimplemented by specialists of the Branch in 2008-2012:

  • Environmental  baselinestudies and Monitoring in the North Caspian Sea, 2011-2013 (Agip KCO)
  • Monitoring of groundwater, surface water and river sedimentsin the Atyrau Oblast,  2011-2013 (AgipKCO)
  • Marine baseline and environmental monitoring studies in theNorth Caspian Sea, 2006-2010 (Agip KCO)
  • Onshore water-related studies, Atyrau oblast, 2006-2010  (Agip KCO)
  • Applied environmental studies of Kokzhide sand  (Aktyubinskaya oblast).
  • Groundwater and surface water, 2008 (Aktyubinskaya OblastDepartment of Natural Resources Regulation and Environmental)
  • Baseline and socio-economic studies of Karachaganak Oil andGas Condensate Field (West Kazakhstan oblast). Groundwater, surface water and drinkingwater, 2008 (Karachaganak Petroleum Operating)
  • Baseline environmental studies on the Kurmangazy Structure,2006-2008 (Kurmangazy Petroleum LLC)
  • Compliance monitoring and environmental studies in thePearls area of the Caspian Sea, 2008-2009 (Caspian Meruerty Operating Company)
  • Groundwater monitoring in PF Embamunai Gas Field, 2004-2008  (PF Embaminaigas)
  • Groundwater monitoring in the area of Samek InternationalLLC, 2007-2008 (Samek International LLC).
  •  Groundwater monitoringin Ekoneftegas LLC Field, 2007-2008 (Ekoneftegas LLC)
  • Determining fish productivity in fishery water bodies ortheir sites; the development of biological justification of general permissiblecatches and recommendations on fishery and fishery regulation in water bodiesof international and Republic value in the Ural Caspian basin, 2007-2011 (FisheryCommittee under the RK Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Waste profile sheets of Atyrauozenporty JSC, 2011
  • Industrial Environmental Control of Kolzhan Oil LLCFacilities, 2009-2010
  • MPD project for GATE camp with capacity of 6500 persons,2009 (Caspy Engineering LLC)
  • EIA Project, 2008 (Atyrau Rolling Mill)
  • EIA of feed shell production in South-West Shalyga, 2008. (AtyrauozenportyJSC)
  • Environmental protection section to detailed design “Low andMedium Pressure Gas Pipelines of Oil Gathering Station and Associated GasConditioning Package in Airankol Exploratory Area”
  • MPE from treatment facilities of GATE camp designed for 6500persons, 2008 (Caspy Engineering LLC)
  • Waste profile sheets for Sichim Camp IGS LLC JV, 2008

In different years the branch specialists have been involvedin projects implemented for international and local companies: Agip KCO, EmbamunaigasPF, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, Kurmangazy Petroleum LLC, Caspy MeruertyOperating Company, Ekoneftegas LLC, Samek International LLC, AktyubinskayaOblast Department of Natural Resources Regulation and Environmental Management,Fishery Committee under the RK Ministry of Agriculture, Caspy Engineering LLC, AtyrauozenportyLLC, Kolzhan Oil LLC, Atyrau Zholdary LLC and others. Certified specializedlaboratory of KAPE Atyrau branch carries out hydrological, hydrochemical, hydrobiologicaland ichthyological work. The branch has all the necessary equipment to carryout these types of work. Atyrau branch has an industrial base, which inaddition to the office and industrial premises, owns special machinery and a hotelto accommodate KAPE field teams. All work sites are equipped with personalcomputers and different peripheral equipment. As to outfitting, the followingvehicles are available for fieldwork: mobile ecological laboratory, twocargo-and-passenger caterpillar amphibias and heavy-duty tow truck with trailer,and off-road vehicles. There aretwo air-cushion vessels and a vessel for work in river and sea.