Technical equipment

Equipmentof the Company meets modern requirements for procedures of environmentaldesigning and surveys at all stages of project implementation beginning fromdata collection up to the issue of reporting documentation.

Fieldwork Equipment:

Certified mobile ecological laboratory based on GAS-3308;

Certified mobile ecological laboratory based on GAS-6603;

Drilling unit PBU-2-111 based on KAMAZ-43114.

Laboratory Equipment:

TecnicalPotentionCertified hydro-biological laboratory in Atyrau;

Certifiedanalytical laboratory in Almaty;

Testinglaboratory in Aktau (to be commissioned in June 2012 for further operation atinternational level).

Reports, design, technical andother types of documentation are formatted and issued in KAPE specializeddepartment equipped with modern computers and printing equipment compliant withthe Company’s standards and Customer’s requirements.