Dynamic changes in the Aral Sea borders

It is difficult to imagine that the Aral Sea was once the fourth largest lake in the world, the area ​​which was equal to a country like Ireland. Deprived of feeding the Syr Darya and Amudarya rivers, the Aral Sea began to die, literally, before our eyes. Below you will find the satellite images of the Central Asian Sea’s death, made by NASA. The gray line marks the 1960 coastline.

image002 image004
August year 2000 August year 2001
image008 image010
August year 2002 August year 2003
image006 image012
Year 2004 Year 2005
image014 image016
Year 2006 Year 2007
image018 image020
Year 2008 Year 2009
image022 image024
Year 2010 Year 2011
image026 image028
Year 2012 Year 2013
Year 2014
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