KAPE LLC provides a full range of services in the field of environmental protection, environmental management, environmental safety and management.


  • Ichthyological and hydrobiological survey
  • Baseline environmental and  monitoring survey;
  • Environmental engineering surveys;
  • Geomagnetic and bathymetric offshore survey;
  • Engineering geophysical survey of natural objects and engineering structures;
  • Hydraulic modeling of river systems and channels;
  • Forecast river floods and other types of floods, destruction of hydraulic structures
  • Determining the size of the flooding zones, calculating  the mudflow and mass transfer directions
  • A wide range of aviation operations using an unmanned aerial system, including in mountainous and inaccessible areas
  • Comprehensive assessment of environmental and ecologically economic damage
  •  Risk assessment, accident modeling, development of industrial safety declaration
  •  Consulting in the field of environmental protection (EP)
  • Development of environmental impact assessment (EIA) and EP sections, public hearings
  • Development of emission standards projects: MPE, MPD,
    Waste disposal standards projects;
  • Waste generation and waste disposal limit projects
  • Ecological audit
  • Monitoring of environmental components, including – software development;
  • Compliance environmental monitoring of facilities
  • Development of greenhouse gases (GHG) emission management projects;
  • GIS and databases;
  • Certification of workplaces for working conditions;
  • Justification of sanitary protection zone sizes;
  • Protection and use of water resources;
  • Design of water protection zones and strips;
  • Hydro-geological survey and monitoring of groundwater;
  • Assessment of the environmental component background status (sea, land, water, air, soil, and biota).