We have substantialexperience with international projects

Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology (KAPE) provides afull range of services in the field of environmental protection, effectiveenvironmental management, and ecological safety.

The main principle of our business is to provide objectiveassessment and develop effective solutions contributing to fulfillment ofenvironmental protection tasks. The company’s philosophy is based on thefollowing principles:

  • Strict observance  of RK laws and regulations
  • Professionalism, competence, and high-quality and timely execution of work
  • A system-approach consideration of international principles in the field of environmental protection, requirements and Guidelines on Assessment of the World Bank and European Union
  • Compliance of Company activities with the applicable international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The Company has unparalleled experience on the Republic of Kazakhstan territory in thefield of onshore and offshore environmental monitoring, environmental  regulation and permitting, environmental impact assessment and environmentalaudit of enterprises, assessment of environmental risk and environmental sensitivity ofterritories and aquatic areas.

We provide full-range ecological assistance andconsultancy services from pre-design assessments and baseline environmentalsurveys,up to preparation of the whole package of permittingdocumentation in accordance with effective legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We are well-experienced in implementation ofinternational projects; our environmental awareness proves competence andensures effective implementation of the assigned tasks minimizing the risk ofnatural resources use.

List of KAPE MajorTypes of Activities

  • Ecological consulting and development of regulatory documents in environmental protection
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Protection Sections (EPS)
  • Ecological audit
  • Ecological expert review
  • Ecological passports of enterprises
  • Industrial environmental control programs
  • Industrial environmental control and environmental monitoring
  • Maximum Permissible Emission (MPE) Projects
  • Maximum Permissible Discharges (MPD) Projects
  • Waste Generation Standards and Disposal Limits Projects / Waste Management Projects
  • Low-radioactive Waste Disposal Projects
  • Projects of Water Conservation Zones and Belts
  • Projects of Disturbed Lands Reclamation
  • Geoecological survey oа oil-contaminated areas
  • Oil Spill Response Plans
  • Assessment of plugged and abandoned and flodded wells
  • Assessment of current environmental status and biodiversity
  • Assessment of ecological sensitivity, vulnerability and resistance
  • Ichthyologic and ecological offshore and onshore surveys
  • Baseline and monitoring ecological surveys
  • Geo-engineering offshore and onshore surveys
  • Hydro-geological monitoring network organization
  • Hydro-geological surveys and groundwater monitoring
  • Industrial facilities’ declarations of safety
  • Assessment of industrial and ecological risk
  • Assessment of impact on social-economic sphere
  • Assessment of risk to population health
  • Validation / verification of greenhouse gases emissions