Calculation of Sanitary Protection Zones

A Sanitary Protection Zone is an area that separatesspecial designation zones, industrialenterprises and other industrial, public utility and storage facilitiesfrom nearby residential areas, buildings and facilitiesto reduce exposure to adverse factors (hereinafter SPZ).

SZZ-2Industrial Enterprise SPZ Validation Projects aredeveloped in accordance with the RK Environmental Code (2007), RK GovernmentResolution of January 17, 2012 № 93 OnApproval of Sanitary Rules “Sanitary-Epidemiological Requirementsfor Industrial Buildings and Facilities” and “Sanitary-EpidemiologicalRequirements for Establishing SanitaryProtection Zone of Industrial Facilities” (published in “KazakhstanskayaPravda” newspaper 14.03.12, and described in other regulatory documents). SPZsize validation is included in EIAs and Environmental Protection Sectionsproduced within the package of design documentation for construction of newindustrial facilities, and as an independent project at the design stage of newor existing enterprises.

SPZ size rationale is based on resultsof studies performed at the enterprise to identify chemical and physical impactsources, surveys in the SPZ area to SZZidentify residential and industrialstructures, modeling of air pollution level (if necessary an Emission SourcesInventory can be performed), analysis of environmental pollution monitoringresults (when necessary KAPE implements themonitoring with involvement of Mobile Ecological Laboratory, see informationabout MEL) and morbidity of the population dwelling near the operating enterprises, calculationof physical impact level (see “Physical Impacts”), assessment of potential accident risk (see “IndustrialRisk”), assessment of risk to public health (see “Assessment of Risk toPopulation Health”). KAPE employs specialists with relevant professionalqualifications trained to implement this type of work, and provides necessarysoftware and laboratory equipment.

Major projects validating SPZ sizeimplemented by KAPE include:

  • Substantiation of the SanitaryProtection Zone Size for Oil and Gas Onshore Processing Facility and SanitarySpacing for Pipelines within the Kashagan Field Development ExperimentalProgram (Tranches 1 and 2) taking into account the enterprise’sperspective (Agip KCO, 2005);
  • Assessment of the impact of Eskene West Railway Spur and Terminal Construction on SPZ Size (Agip KCO, 2006
  • Kashagan  Full Field Development Program, calculation of preliminary SPZ size (Agip KCO, 2006)
  • Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field, SPZ design-based project (Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V., 2011).