Geo-information Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a basis ofintegrating heterogeneous data and information based on a spatial component arekey elements for taking management decisions.  Global experience shows that effective managingof infrastructure, natural resources, environmental status and the territory isbased solely on GIS integration capacity. To date, the Company has developedand introduced a range of modern information systems based on GIS/DBMStechnologies into the production of a number of large Kazakhstan oil companies.

These include:

  • Development and introduction of a corporategeodatabase for infrastructure in MangystauMunaiGas (2002)
  • Development of a production monitoringsystem based on GIS/DBMS for “KarazhanbasMunai” (2002)
  • Development of a geodatabase on thecurrent and historical environmental status for Agip KCO  (2004, 2006, 2008)
  • Development of a corporategeoinformation system forthe production infrastructure  of  Razvedka Dobycha “KazMunaiGas” JSC –(2004-2007)

Types of Activities:

Designing of softwarepackages for management, analysis and processing of spatially distributedinformation:

  • Development and introduction ofsoftware packages related to environmental protection and monitoring.
  • Development of GIS and delivery of turnkey projects for automation andmanagement of infrastructure and environmental information.

Development of spatialdata electronic systems for management of various geo-ecological and resourceinformation for:

  • Substantiation of territorial managerialand design solutions;
  • Managementof environmental activities;
  • Environmental  and spatial control and monitoring;
  • Accounting, inventory andsystematization of data based on the spatial component.

Development of applieddatabases for:

  • Systematic storage and informationmanagement;
  • Integrated automation of workperformed by environmental protection departments of natural resources andregulatory agencies;
  • Information support in the sphere ofenvironmental protection and nature management.