Greenhouse Gases

Development of Greenhouse Gas Projects

Since 2010 KAPE LLC started development of Парниковые газыgreenhouse gas (GHG) projects. Over this period more than 30 projects have been implemented for large companies involved in oil and gas industry (Tengizchevroil LLC, NCOC N.V. etc.)

 Activities performed:

  • GHG emissions inventory;
  • Development of Report on GHG inventory;
  • Installation passport development;
  • Development of Plan for GHG emissions monitoring;
  • Preparation of documents package to obtain emission quota.

Greenhouse gas validation and verification body

In accordance with requirements (36-4 of Article 17 and Article 158-4 of the RoK Environmental Code) of the RoK Law “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the RoK on Environmental Issues” of April 8, 2016 No. 491-V, in 2017, The Greenhouse Gas Validation and Verification Body (GHG VVB) was established.

Accreditation certificate No. KZ.V.02.1990 of 22.12.2017 was obtained. 

Аттестат по Валидации и Верификации Аттестат по Валидации и Верификации 1

According to the field of accreditation, GHG VVB has the right to validate and verify the GHG in oil and gas, chemical, energy, mining, metallurgical and processing industries.

GHG VVB proposes the following service:

  • Verification of the Report on GHG inventory
  • Installation passport verification;
  • Verification of Reports on implementation of projects related to emissions reduction and  GHG absorption enhancement;
  • Validation of the Monitoring Plan;
  • Validation of GHG reduction and absorption projects;

Validation and verification of GHG are implemented by certified experts, IRKA auditors, and technical experts of various industries.

GHG VVB specialists regularly attend refresher courses and trainings required for high-quality work implementation.

Manager of GHG VVB:
Tatiyana Anatoliyevna Kamayeva
tel.: +7 727 2726428 (ext. 229)