Industrial Environmental Control

- Industrial Environmental ControlProgram

In accordance with the RK EnvironmentalCode (Chapter 8), nature users of categories I-III must develop an IndustrialEnvironmental Control (IEC) program. Nature users carry out environmentalcontrol in accordance with an IEC program that meets the requirements of theEnvironmental Code and other legal-regulatory documents. The IEC program’s presence is a mandatory requirement for obtainingan Emissions Permit.

Within the framework of IEC program, amandatory list is compiled of parameters to be monitored during industrialenvironmental control, the frequency and duration of measurements, andinstruments and calculation methodsapplied.

From 1996 to 2011, KAPE specialists developed more than 50 different programs of compliance monitoring and industrial environmental control forcompanies which conduct their activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan,including:  Agip KCO; North CaspianOperating Company B.V.; Texaco North Buzachi, Inc; KazakhCaspyShelf JSC;Karazhanbas JSC; EmbaMunaiGas PF; OzenMunaiGas PF; MangistauMunaiGas JSC; AtyrauRefinery LLC; Sat Operating Aktau LLC; Buzachi Oil LLC and others.

All clients recognized the high-quality of IEC programsdeveloped.

- IEC Implementation

Industrial facilities have certainimpact on environmental components. In accordance with the RK EnvironmentalCode (09.01.07), all nature users must carry out industrial environmentalcontrol, a component of which is compliance monitoring (CM).

The main objective of CM implementedwithin the framework of IEC is to obtain reliable data on the impact ofenterprise facilities on environmental components, changes in environmentalcomponents during routine (accident free) and abnormal (emergency) operation. In addition, IEC callsfor internal inspections to check the compliancewith ecological requirements and compare IEC results with permitting conditions.

Ambient air, groundwater and surfacewater, wastewater, soil, vegetation and wildlife are monitored at the customer’sfacilities. CM involves observations of radiationenvironment, noise and vibration levels and waste disposal.

Compliance monitoring is one of theconditions for nature users to obtain an Emissions Permit.

KAPE specialists performed different surveyswithin the IEC framework for companies such as, Agip KCO; North CaspianOperating Company B.V.; Texaco North Buzachi, Inc; Karazhanbas JSC; EmbaMunaiGas PF; OzenMunaiGas PF; MangustauMunaiGas JSC; EcogeoneftegasLLC; Kom-Munai LLC; Samek International LLC and others.

KAPE has all the necessary monitoringequipment.

In accordance with effective Integrated ManagementSystem (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001), KAPE assesses customer satisfaction.According to assessment results, all clients were satisfied with high qualityof KAPE monitoring and data reporting services.

- Drilling and Development of Monitoring Wells

KAPE LLC conducts operations related to drilling anddevelopment of hydro-geological monitoring wells. The Company owns the mobiledrilling unit KAMAZ-based PBU-2-111. Drilling operations are performed up to adepth of 50m. Human resources are represented by hydro-geologists and drillingoperators.

In 2009-2010 KAPE drilled wells for Agip KCO in the Mangystauand Atyrau oblasts.