Legislation and Social-Economic Sphere

The Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecologyimplements a wide range of works related to updating the legal frameworkaccording to which all monitoring and environmental surveys and measures areperformed, along with studies of industrial activities’ impact on the socio-economic sphere. KAPE’s Department of Social-Economic Conditions andLegislation Analysis hasbeen organized specifically for this purpose.

TheDepartment was created in 2001 when KAPE LLC commenced its works on assessingthe impact from oil operations unfolding in the Kazakhstansector of the Caspian Sea on natural and socio-economicspheres. The work was aimed at determining the interconnection between the planned activities and factorsof living conditions and impact on population using socio-economic determinants.

This direction was new for KAPE and theRepublic as a whole; therefore, it was important to study and integrate therelevant international experience and develop methodological approaches forimplementation of this work.

As a result of joint work performed bythis Department and other KAPE structures Methodological Guidelines onAssessment of Impact from Economic Activity on Natural Environment andSocial-Economic Sphere were approved as a national regulatory document in2010 by Order of the Minister of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Currently, within the framework of thefollowing projects the Department carries out sections on assessing the impacton the socio-economic sphere (both for routine and emergency situations),highlighting the impact on living conditions of the population, economic potential of the region whereproject activities are deployed, aswell as the sections describing economic conditions of enterprises, and socialconditions of personnel :

  • EIAs (mainly)
  • Environmental audits
  • Baseline surveys
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies, etc.

Another activity performed by theDepartment is the development and presentation in KAPEof projects of sections on analysis of Kazakhstan law on certain activitieswith due consideration to project specifics.

Such sections provide descriptions ofthe national legislation norms for ecological and industrial safety of work performedby customers, norms of international legislation applicable to Kazakhstan,and legislative background applicable to the region where the customer conducts activities. This work is carried out in accordance withinternational environmental conventions ratified in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition to developing sections on analysisof Kazakhstanlegislation, consists of:

  •  EIAs
  • Environmental audits
  • Sanitary regulations
  • Applied environmental research studies and other work,the Department carriers out individual projects.

Some of the earlier work carried out in the legislative-regulatoryarea include:

1. TACIS Project “Support of Oil and Gas Production andTransportation Sectors in the Republic of Kazakhstan.” Work Package 1. IndustrialSafety and Environmental Protection during Offshore Oil and Gas Production andTransportation. Analysis of Kazakhstanand European Union Legislation;

2. Documents developed for RDKazmunaigas JSC:

  • Technical-regulatory document “Conception of Technical-Regulatory Framework for RD KazMinaiGas JSC in the field of environmental protection”;
  • Environmental protection regulations for oil and gas facilities of RD KazMinaiGas JSC.