With a growth of GIS technologies, remote sensing andsatellite navigation, mapping technologies have stepped into a new era and nowallow creating maps and mapping products quickly and efficiently.

Due to the growth oftechnologies, presentation of the results of mapping has changed – it is notnecessarily paper maps, it can be a storefront of spatial data, the type ofGoogle Earth.

Types of work:

  • Topographic and geodetic survey,ground and remote survey of situation and terrain
  • Geodetic, cartographic, topographicand hydrographic surveys
  • Creation and development of digitalmaps of ground infrastructure and geodatabases
  • Creation and updating of topographicmaps that are intended to draw up master plans
  • Creation and updating of topographicmaps and plans, including plans of cities and towns
  • Dedicated engineering, geodetic andtopographical work to maintain geographic information systems of settlements,enterprises and urban cadastre
  • Creation of analytical, evaluationand forecasting of environmental and other thematic maps
  • Development and publication ofthematic maps, plans and atlases of special purpose
  • Assessment of pollution anddisturbance of the natural environment with the use of land-based and remotesensing methods
  • Creating thematic and evaluationelectronic maps based on processing and interpretation of aerial photographsand satellite images.
  • Environmental, landscape,landscape-geochemical, soil and other thematic mapping and modeling of naturaland anthropogenically-derived phenomena and processes
  • Comprehensive assessment of thesituation with current mapping of the environment
  • Assessment and mapping ofenvironmental sensitivity, vulnerability and stability of the environmentparameters to different types of human impact and their potentials.