Physical Impacts

Inventory of physical impact sources

An inventory of physical impactsources (noise, vibration, EMI, and others) is conducted through instrumentalmeasurements and/or calculations of noise level at control points. Measurementsof physical impacts are carried out by highly qualified specialists usingmodern equipment certified and registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Monitoring of physical factors (Industrial Environmental Control)

Air monitoring is a system of monitoring air pollutionby physical factors operated at population centers, as well as in localindustrial monitoring.

MPE of physical factors

Maximum permissible standards of hazardous physicalimpact on the air are the standards which are set for each source of noise,vibration, electromagnetic and other physical impacts on the atmosphere, in whichhazardous physical effects do not exceed the maximum permissible level ofphysical impacts on the air.

Calculations of MPE physical impact assessment are conductedby the Division of Physical Factors Assessment and Working Places Certification.They are based on the results of an inventory of the physical factors impact onthe atmosphere performed using modern high-precision instruments covering the fullrange of emissions (noise, vibrations, electromagnetic fields of industrialfrequency and radio frequency, thermal radiation, illumination, and others.)

Certification of workplaces

All industrial facilities andorganizations are subject to mandatory regular certification of labourconditions. The certification is carried out at least once every 5 years. (The LaborCode of the Republic of Kazakhstan, GovernmentDecree No. 1457 of December 5, 2011 “On Approval of the Rules of MandatoryRegular Certification of Industrial Facilities in Terms of their LaborConditions”).
KAPE carries out a full range of work on regularcertification of industrial facilities in terms of their labor conditions,the results of which can be used for:

  • a number of organizational and technical measures to improve labour conditions and safety
  • assessment of actual conditions of working environment and workplace safety
  • determining the availability of necessary means of employees individual and collective protection, their compliance with quality standards and actual labour conditions
  • confirming the fact of hazardous or dangerous labour conditions (if necessary) to determine a disease link to a particular profession or executed work in case there is a suspicion for an occupational disease or diagnosis of an occupational disease
  • preparation of statistical reports on the status of working conditions
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Our company provides the following services:

  • comprehensive assessment of production facilities for their compliance with regulations in the field of occupational safety and health
  • assessment of labor hazards and dangers
  • assessment of the injury prevention capabilities and provision of means of collective protection
  • assessment of the employees provision with personal protective equipment

We have a physical factors laboratory equippedwith modern high-precision instruments certified and recorded in the Registerof the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thelaboratory is equipped with highly qualified specialists of the highestqualification category. The laboratory is capable of  measuring instrumental noise, vibrations,electric and magnetic fields (measuring electric and magnetic components ofelectromagnetic fields, electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies, electromagneticfields of industrial frequency (50 Hz), illumination, microclimate and hazardoussubstances in working areas of industrial enterprises. Our company has the software”Ecologist. Noise. 2.0″, which is used:

  • During the designing of new facility locations with regard to existing urban settings, and assessment of the existing facilities noise impact on the environment
  • When assessing the noise impact on the areas adjacent to industrial facilities and transportation routes
  • When developing and evaluating the effectiveness of anti-noise measures
  • In the course of determining buffer zones related to the noise factor for designed and existing enterprises
  • During environmental audits for industrial, utility and transportation companies for the factor of industrial and traffic noise

In addition to the standard base laboratory, ourcompany has a mobile one intended to determine pollutants in the air basin,surface water, groundwater, wastewater, sediments, soil and industrialemissions. Also, we have the ability to assess a radiological situation inresidential areas and the degree of radioactive contamination of raw materials.