Rent of Sea Vessels

Scientific research vessels “Nautilus”, “Elen” and “Electra” are equipped with all necessary navigation instruments, autopilot system, radar, acoustic sounder, reliable radio and satellite communication devices, and stationary equipment, such as, winches, beam cranes, samples storage coolers, and speedboats. Laboratory facilities areavailable with built-in cupboards, sewage and water systems. The research vessel “Nautilus” has a low-pressure chamber for diving operations and a deepsampling device for sampling of sea soil. There are twenty comfortable berthsfor passengers. The cruising duration is 15 – 20 days.

Vessels canbe used for:

  • Different offshore environmental work (monitoring, baseline studies, etc.)
  • Seismic and electrical work
  • Cartographic work
  • Diving operations
  • Transporting cargo
  • Trawling of poaching nets
  • Industrial operations (as support vessels)

The full package of permitting and other required documents are available for vessels.

KAPE hassubstantial experience in chartering vessels to companies operating in the Caspian region.

For furtherinformation about the terms of leasing of sea vessels, please contact KAPE the addresses and phone numbers listed under “Contact” on ourweb-site.