Industrial Risk

Industrial Risk Assessment

We have the intellectual potential, methodologiesand technological capacities to meet the challenges in the area ofenvironmental risk and development of safety declarations – the officialstatements on preparedness to ensure safe operation of industrial facilities.

Types of activities:

  • Assessment of industrial accident risks
  • Simulation of consequences from potential industrial accidents related to pipelines and vessels rupture, assessment of accident potential, including : • modeling of toxic substances dispersion
  • Simulation of pool fires
  • Simulation  of jet fires
  • Calculation of critical impact zones of various damaging factors
  • Preparation of technical documentation on special emergency operations at oil-gas facilities
  • Expert review of industrial safety
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Environmental risk assessment

Less than five licenses for the softwarepackage “PHAST Professional” were issued in Kazakhstan one of which was KAPE. Thesoftware product was approved by the RK Agency of Emergencies and the MiningInspectorate permitted its use by KAPE.

KAPE has implemented a number ofprojects on modeling of pipelines rupture consequences. In addition, KAPE holds the license for “SAFETI” software package use to makequantitative risk analysis. This software is brand new in Kazakhstanand does not have analogues in the republic.

In accordance with the RK Law No 314-II “On Industrial Safety ofHazardous Industrial Facilities” of April 3, 2002 private individuals and legalentities who own hazardous industrial facilities are required to declare them.

It is prohibited to operate thehazardous facility without a declaration.

Also, an emergency response plan shallbe developed for a hazardous industrial facility.

KAPE implements a complex of work in thefield of industrial safety:

  • Development of safety declarations for planned and existing industrial facilities
  • Development of emergency response plans
  • Development of standard and technical documents on industrial safety