The «Theory questions and practice of hydrobiological survey in Kazakhstan» Seminar

The 8th annual «KAPE» LLP hydrobiological seminar « Theory questions and practice of hydrobiological survey in Kazakhstan» was held on the 23rd April in 2014.

This year, the seminar was attended by the staff of: RSE «Institute of Zoology» (Almaty), RSE «Institute of Botany and Phyto-Intrusion» (Almaty), «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries» LLP (Almaty), Institute of Forensic Expertise (Almaty) Laboratory of the RSE «Kazgidromet» (Ust-Kamenogorsk), the Eurasian National University. L.N. Gumileva (Astana), «Biology of the Sea» LLP (Almaty), «SED» LLP (Almaty), students and undergraduates of the Kazakh National Al-Farabi University (Almaty), as well as hydrobiologists taking part in the KAPE work on a contractual basis.

 With a salutatory word to the participants of the seminar the deputy. Executive Director of LLP KAPE I.Kh. Mirkhashimov.


The forthcoming work of the hydrobiological direction in KAPE LLC was explained by O.V. Marynich. The director of Department for Monitoring the Environment in 2014.

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The seminar discussed internal and external issues of quality water tests control on hydrobiological indicators. The proposals on this issue were made by the RSE “Kazgidromet” staff, as reported by A.A. Evseeva.

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V.V. Sadomsky from «SED» LLP spoke in the discussion of quality control and its regulatory support issues.

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Institute of Forensic Expertise employee V.V. Velichkina spoke about the possibilities of using hydrobiological methods in conducting forensic examinations

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Information on the FAO seminar about fisheries in Central Asia and Transcaucasia was presented by S.R. Timirkhanov the «Biology of the Sea»LLP Director.

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An Institute of Zoology employee, E.G. Krupa, spoke about the analysis of influence climatic factors on the biota of Lake Balkhash.

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The possibility of enriching the forage Alakol system lakes base was described by T.T. Troshina the senior survey associate of «KazNIIIRH» LLP.

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«KAPE» LLP chief hydrobiological laboratory specialist O.N. Sklyarova explained about clawed donkeys, first time discovered in the Kazakhstan part of the Caspian Sea.

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«KAPE» LLP Chief GBL specialist Yu.V. Epova made a report about two previously unseen types of macrozoobenthos.

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D.A. Smirnova, head of the GBL department in «KAPE» LLP presented the first volume of «Fish and Invertebrates Identifier of the Caspian Sea» published in 2013 and the system of bivalve mollusks proposed in it.

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