KAPE LLChead office in Almaty and its branches in Astana, Atyrau and Aktau operate 38vehicles for implementation of onshore surveys and field work.

The company’strucking fleet includes:

  • Six cars
  • Six off-road vehicles
  • Two mini buses
  • Two MTLB amphibian off-road tractors
  • KAMAZ-based drilling unit
  • Fourteen jeeps
  • KRAZ-basedtruck for towing heavy machinery
  • Gaz 3308-basedoff-road mobile laboratory for field work and staff transportation
  • FotonB1 5049-based thermal cabin for transportation of samples and equipment
  • Polaris four-wheeler for implementation of field work in remote areas
  • Two Hivus-type air-cushion amphibious boats  forimplementation of field works and offshore surveys

All vehiclesundergo annualtechnical inspections and scheduled and routine maintenance.

Somevehicles were converted in 2012 to meet Agip KCO requirements:  GPRS-navigators and safety rails wereinstalled, which are consistent with requirements of the RK MIA traffic police.

KAPE LLC drivers are experienced and qualified and undergo regular training on trafficrules and safety, and bear responsibility for vehicles they operate.


Amphibia-1 Amphibia-2 Amphibia-3


Амфибия01 Рисунок6


Universal transport for movement on land and water

Рисунок9 Рисунок8
IF Камаз 43118

Research transport for work on land

Mobile laboratories to carry out work on measurements of chemical and analytical laboratories

Offroad-1 Рисунок7 Offroad-7
Offroad-9 Offroad-8 Offroad-5

Off Road vehicles

Off-road vehicles used for execution of works KAPE LLC