Work performed
From the project to the submission of the report!
Environmental monitoring at sea

Preparation and conduct of environmental

studies on inland water bodies,

including the transit zone of the Caspian Sea

Environmental monitoring on land

Comprehensive monitoring studies

Protection and use of water resources

Hydrological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological studies

Protection of atmospheric air

Inventory of emissions of harmful (polluting) substances into the atmospheric air and their sources
Waste management
Waste management programs, including calculation of accumulation limits and waste disposal limits

Chemical and analytical control of OS components

Laboratory studies of OS components (water, air, soil, sediments, biological objects).

Certification of workplaces according to working conditions

Certification of production facilities according to working conditions

Geoinformation systems and engineering surveys

Creating digital maps and spatial data

Development of thematic and complex projects

Impact Assessment Report
Maritime Department
Observations of environmental components. Observation of biological objects.
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